Digital Storytelling: Building Bridges

Current Events

Please join us for five events featuring digital stories created in our workshops, where teens create videos that explore identity-forming experiences.

We had an amazing time in the workshops, and we’re excited to celebrate the work of these amazing teens with you!

All events include the videos from the workshops and improv performances by Pittsburgh Playback Theater.

Food will be provided!

Transportation from Northview Heights will be provided. Please email for more information!


In this workshop series, African and African American teens who are neighbors in Northview Heights, offered unique insights about formative experiences in their lives.

We explored the cultural differences and similarities that they’ve encountered thus far that can help build bridges within their neighborhood and beyond. Learning about each others’ history helped break down barriers that otherwise kept them apart. Understanding each others’ cultures creates understanding and community.

This was the first Sharing Our Story workshop series focused on teenagers, and we’re excited to share their work in this event series!