Whitehall Digital Storytelling Workshop

Immigration Stories: Old and New

A son tells the story of his father, an Italian immigrant who fights on both sides of WWII, and builds a life in Pittsburgh as a stone mason.
A Bhutanese refugee explains the difficulty of explaining to his young daughter how the Bhutanese civil war has impacted their family.
Fleeing poverty in Guatemala, a family finds a new beginning in Pittsburgh as immigrants
A young boy, separated from his family in the Sudanese civil war, learns to survive and, as a refugee, builds a new successful life in Pittsburgh, PA. He is reunited with his family many years later.
A family from Mexico flees violent crime to find a better life in the Pittsburgh, PA.
A young couple struggles with religious prejudice in Ireland and Wales in the the early part of the 20th century, fleeing to the United States for freedom.
The Immigration story of a young man from Fulda Germany, who studied painting, comes to Pittsburgh after WWI, but faces discrimination during WWII. He worked hard painting houses and holding down several jobs to support his family. Finally ending up at Gulf Oil, he wins first place in a corporate art competition.
The story of three generations of a family that immigrated from Bremen Germany 165 years ago to work on railroads in Mexico and New Mexico.
Forced to leave Bhutan and live in a Nepalese refugee camp, a family must struggle to survive before finding refuge in the Pittsburgh, PA.